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The RISE | Fitness Personal Training Experience

REDEFINE Training, the fastest way to reach your fitness goals. Our personal training program is radically different from those that you commonly find. We not only offer regular sessions, but we offer 100% guidance. The programs entail multiple full body assessments every 60 days, fully designed programs around you. Along with those assessments, your training routine will change to develop you. Whether its strength, pain management, flexibility, endurance, sports-specific training or even physique competitions, each client receives a superior VIP service each day from our training staff. We focus on your whole body health and we tailor it to you.


Need strength and conditioning to improve your performance? What about functional training to make that golf swing better? Or even drop a few pounds for a special event or summer? We have the solution directly for your time, lifestyle and goals.

Contact us today to schedule your free assessment!



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