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Simplicity and VIP Service is What We Do Best!

We want to be a part of your story, your life, your legacy! With that mission in mind, we offer the most unique service in the fitness industry complete lifestyle customization! When you need a service, you can add it. When you don't need it, you can get rid of it. Rather than being stuck paying for something you don't use, we customize it directly to you!


We are month to month with no contracts and no hidden fees. It's really that simple. On top of that we value you, the member, so much that we hand pick each staff member to provide VIP service each time you walk in and out of our doors. Without you, there is no us and without us, we can't impact your community!

We are dedicated to you, to your story, and to helping you Redefine Impossible! With that goal in mind, we offer customizable options. Mom and Dad, if you need childcare in the summer since the kids are out of school, we are there. Husband, if your wife needs to take classes but you don't want to, you aren't locked into paying for a membership with classes that you dont use. We add it to your wife and your amount stays the same!


Life. Legacy. Community. Those are the words and tenants we are built on and to serve you here is you options to customize your RISE Experience to your story.



GX Classes - 21 classes per week and we change with you!


Redefine Training - Personalized training routine with our world class personal training staff. Customized to your time, budget and lifestyle.


Childcare - Need that extra time, mom and dad, to get in that workout? We are here and can provide that service for you!


TEAM Camp - Want that class feel with a more personalized touch? This is what you get in a TEAM Camp. We give you the opportunity to be a part of a small group training camp.

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